Saturday, November 26, 2005

Always start with a brunch

First post so I had to make something big!
On Saterday mornings, I always take the time to make myself a good brunch usually with bacon, eggs and all the rest.

This morning I tried something new as I had a large potatoe left.
I decided to go for the paillasson de pomme de terre which is fried grated potatoes.

Basically, you grate your potatoes and you mix some chopped onions, gruyere cheese, an egg and salt and pepper. Then you just put it in the hot pan with olive oil!

Then it was the usual bacon cured in maple syrup and eggs and toasts.

Have a look at the pictures... Awsome!

Bon appetit!


Blogger Gian Paolo said...

Well done Clement! I can see you were enough hungry to ingurgitate all this food after the famous "friday" night meal.

9:04 PM  

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