Friday, November 25, 2005

Friday's dinner - Starter

Alright! It's Friday, let's find a good starter to do.
That's the question I asked myself 2 hours before having to do it for 2 others food aficionados!

I must admit I went the easy way and took Jamie Oliver's book out of the shelf. Easy but hey why should I make things harder for me?

The starter was a mozzarella salad with chili, olive oil, lemon juice and basil.
Very simple.
The only tricky part is too burn the chilies before and scrape the burnt part off.
This way, you take the heat out of them and it makes them a bit sweeter.

It may be a bit sweeter but I still recommend high amounts of bread to survive the dish!!!
We actually robbed Marco's baguette to bring our taste buds back to life! Thanks Marco, hope you had enough for the mozzarella hot dog!

I think the dish was a success and one of my first step to superstardom.
You know, you start with a salad and few years after you sit on a multi million dollar empire!

So make a salad!


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