Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hasta Siempre le Rioja!

When haven't talked about wines yet but I think I should mention the wine we drank during the last 2 dinners.
It is a Gran Reserva Rioja from 1996 from Bodegas Muriel. I found this wine at a very good price at the Coop (£5.50 instead of £10)

The name gran reserva sounded a bit pompous so I made some researches to find out more.

It appears that the name Gran Reserva is given to a Rioja which has been aged at least two years in oak and three years in bottle.
There are actually 3 types of Rioja depending on how long they were kept in oak and in bottle.
You have the Rioja, Rioja Reserva and Rioja Gran Reserva.

I am not as good on wines as I'd like to be but I thought this wine tasted really good. I think the taste of oak really brings a nice taste to this wine. I am sure an expert could detect dozens of flavors but what I can say is that IT'S GOOD!

The rioja is a really good wine and one of the best Spanish wines.
It was actually the first wine to receive the "Denominacion de Origen" status in 1925 due to its consistent quality.
For more information on Rioja and wine in general, have a look at this link on wikipedia.

Knowing my love for the tempranillo grape, I am now on a hunt for similar wines from different grapes.
Any ideas?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Find more wines from Bodegas muriel. Co-op sell the Reserva, and there's JME in Asda, which is a different style. not all Rioja is the same!

Happy hunting

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Co" are still selling 2003 Muriel in 2009 at a discounted price £4.99(short period only?)
How much of this stuff did they bottle as I've been drinking this fabulous Rioja for several years?

8:18 PM  
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