Monday, November 28, 2005


I guess I'm on a mission to get fat this week.
I can't stop cooking!
I got some good pork sausages from Sainsbury's this week end and I decided to try some meatballs.
It's always a bit tricky to make your own meatballs, you have to mix your meat with bread, eggs and spices and hope it's going to stick together in the pan.
Well it usually does if you put the meatballs in the fridge for an hour but it's just a pain.

If you can get a good sausage with good seasoning why not make it a meatball?
You just open the sausage and take of the meat. The meat is so sticky it's dead easy to make balls out of them.

Then I heat up some olive oil in the pan and throw the onions and meat until golden.
When golden I add up a glass of wine to bring out all the flavours! So good.
Some tomatoes and herbs and you just let it cook for some time.

That's how it looks like....


Blogger Gian Paolo said...

Meatballs...Meatballs...that's remember me the famous Cafe Nero sandwich with meatballs. A really good dish that match perfectly with this actual weather!!

11:09 PM  

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