Sunday, December 11, 2005

A belgian cooking brussels sprouts...

Ok this week was a bit hectic and I was in charge of the main...
This is our last dinner before mid-January so we had to do something good.
I must say I underperformed this week. I hadn't made enough research beforehand and went for a simple dish from Brussels.
They usually serve that dish in cafes and it is always a popular dish.
Don't get me wrong, the dish was good (come on I made it!) but nothing special.
Marco and Gian did really well so the pressure is on for next year.
I'll be in Paris over the festive period so I'll get some inspiration over there!

So the dish is brussels sprouts with garlic, bacon and onions with pork chops.
The pork chops were really good and produced locally in the oxfordshire.
I find pork chops quite hard to cook as you want them to look crispy and almost burnt on the outside while keeping them tender and not dry.
I think about 15mins is usually was it takes to achieve that on high heat.

For the brussels sprout, there is only one thing to know. If you want to avoid problems related to sprouts (you know what I mean) you should boil them for 3 minutes and discard the water. Then you cook them as usual for 25 minutes.
By discarding the water the first time you are getting rid of the chemical compound which causes problems. I've tried to find out the name of the compound but couldn't find.
If somebody has an idea...

For my recipe, I fry garlic, bacon and the onion in the pan and then add up the sprouts. Very simple and delicious.


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