Friday, December 02, 2005

the wintry dish !

Last Friday, the pheasant won against the wild boar. Both of these meat are delicious, but the preparation of the wild boar require more time ( 24h marinade!!!) So I decided to cook the pheasant. As we said previously Oxford possess an excellent cover market with the best quality food. Shopping there is a pleasure and especially to the butcher (Feller is great!)

I cooked the pheasant on the pan with a delicious creamy sauce.
I selected only breast, It was maybe to easy.
It is more challenging to buy an entire pheasant!
As a side dish I prepared a "pomme neserode"
an apple with cranberries cooked in the oven.

I prepared a wintry mashed potatoes, with créme fraiche and "gratiné" (crusty) in the oven. The result was delicious! Not really healthy but it is the season!


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