Saturday, February 04, 2006

Duck, roast potatoes & green beans

Hi is a long time since i have posted a comment on this blog! Nevermind...last friday i was looking for somenthing good, easy and straight forward! In order to reunite all these conditions.
I visited Feller the butcher in the cover market in Oxford. I didn't wanted to spend a long time near the hob trying to create some sauce and complicate dish. That's why I selected the duck. It not an usual dish not the most healthy but tasty!

The best way to prepare it is to cook on the fat side. And don't forget to notsh the fat side. It is a wintery dish so i decide to roast some potatoes in...the fat of the duck (YUMMY!)...ok...quite fat but...this is not a healthy meal...whatever !

Green beans balance this dish whith something more neutral and healthy!


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