Friday, February 17, 2006

Chocolate Soufflé

This time I was in charge for the dessert. Selecting a dessert is not an easy task! I think for us it is the toughest! I am quite fascinated by the soufflé, so I decided this time to cook a chocolate soufflé.

I selected some intense chocolate to add in the recipe, and therefore I have melted the chocolate in the pan.

Before to put all the chocolate in the pan, I have kept a small amount of chocolate and crushed it in small pieces.

I was a bit disappointed with the result. The small pieces of chocolate have melted into the soufflé; sadly the crunchy effect disappeared during the cooking. Next time I will put bigger piece of chocolate into the soufflé!


Blogger Busstories said...

my dear gian, we just started zabinki registration for this summer. you should be in charge for last year innovation- cooking classes:)

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