Saturday, April 22, 2006


Hello hungry people!
Today I'm presenting you a dish which i have to say was pretty delicious. It took longer than expected, and anything i have done before, but in the end was absolutely worth it! Here it is what i have done: take thin cut steaks, fill them with goat cheese, sliced garlic, parsley, salt and pepper and wrap them up using either toohthpicks or a piece of string.

Take a big non sitcky pan, place some sliced garlic, onions and olive oil (a good one please...please...please!!). When you start hearing the beautiful sound of oil sizzling (one of my favourite sounds and smells!) then you know its time to place the wraps in the pan and let them getting a browinish colour.
Now its tomatoe sauce time! Add a good tomatoes sauce, red wine and cook by mixing every now and then, for an hour. I know it is a lot of time, but believe me the resulting sauce is absolutely gorgeous...likely we had a couple of french baguette to do the so called "scarpetta"! Believe me, the sauce was a pleasure for all five senses!!

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Hello blogger friends,
for Friday's dinner I was in charge of the starter and what I'm presenting today is a wrap (I've started loving wraps!) of fresh bacon filled with few slices of nice Brie.
It is well known that bacon and cheese go well together so to try something new I added a touch of fresh tomato...Why? Well if you think about it bacon and Brie are quite tastefully and very salty so to balance these flavors I added a bit of watery ingredient, namely tomatoes.

The sauce is very easy to produce: take four tomatoes, boil them to get rid of the skin then still hot, cut them in small cubes and place the whole thing in a bowl, add sliced garlic, olive oil (a good one please!) parsley salt and pepper. Then mix everything together and leave for 10 minutes so the flavors mix together.

After this place the bacon-Brie wraps into the oven (200C) and leave them until the Brie starts melting. Place the tomato sauce onto the serving plate and the wraps on top.

Done! Enjoy