Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hello ladies and gentleman, today's is pancake's day and we could not leave you without a pic. Eggs, flour, water and butter that's all you need...then add your favourite ingredients. I would suggest Nutella forever but this is what we had, honey and vanilla icecream!

it isn't so much what you eat but with who you share the moment!


PS: my flat mate jack is the author of the pancake shown.well done jack!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Lamb Casserole
hello bloggers! here we are with another succulent dish we had last friday. it was my first casserole and i think it came quite good.

what you do is simple, get a good, tender piece of lamb, chop it and let it cook it in a terracotta casserole with some onions and garlic until it gets brownish, then add patotoes, cherry tomatoes (remember to do a cross cut on them) and about 1/4 letre of water and you place everything in the oven at 180 C for a good hour. spicy it up with a couple of chillies.

mix the whole thing every now and then. when the patatoeas are cooked you can say it is time to eat! Buon appetito!


ingredients (4 people): 1kg of lamb, 6 medium size patatoes, 200g cherry tomatoes, 2 chillies, 2 onions, garlic, water, parsley and origano.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Chocolate Soufflé

This time I was in charge for the dessert. Selecting a dessert is not an easy task! I think for us it is the toughest! I am quite fascinated by the soufflé, so I decided this time to cook a chocolate soufflé.

I selected some intense chocolate to add in the recipe, and therefore I have melted the chocolate in the pan.

Before to put all the chocolate in the pan, I have kept a small amount of chocolate and crushed it in small pieces.

I was a bit disappointed with the result. The small pieces of chocolate have melted into the soufflé; sadly the crunchy effect disappeared during the cooking. Next time I will put bigger piece of chocolate into the soufflé!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The meanest crispiest chicken in the world!

Ok it sounds a bit optimist but it is!
It all starts the day before.
You take your chicken tights, the best piece I think, and mix it with whole garlic cloves, peppercorns and a bunch of fresh thyme.
You then lay the mix on a roasting tray and cover with salt. Take the big rock salt, you want the salt to absorb all the humidity of the chicken skin. If you use regular sea salt, it's going to melt and the chicken will be terribly salty... And that's not what you want.

Put the chicken with salt in the fridge overnight and take of the salt before putting in the oven.
The oven should be at 160 deg and you want to leave the chicken for about 1 hour or until crispy.
Just put some olive oil and some smoked spanish paprika on top before the oven, it makes it even better.

Serve that with aioli, green salad or crisps and you're in heaven.

Come on doesn't it look awsome?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

healthy breakfast

Hello bloggers, what's up?
today i propose you a healthy breakfast i have been having lately. kiwi and banana slices with krisprolls topped with strawberry jam. caffe'latte is a must next to it.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Duck, roast potatoes & green beans

Hi guys...it is a long time since i have posted a comment on this blog! Nevermind...last friday i was looking for somenthing good, easy and straight forward! In order to reunite all these conditions.
I visited Feller the butcher in the cover market in Oxford. I didn't wanted to spend a long time near the hob trying to create some sauce and complicate dish. That's why I selected the duck. It not an usual dish not the most healthy but tasty!

The best way to prepare it is to cook on the fat side. And don't forget to notsh the fat side. It is a wintery dish so i decide to roast some potatoes in...the fat of the duck (YUMMY!)...ok...quite fat but...this is not a healthy meal...whatever !

Green beans balance this dish whith something more neutral and healthy!