Wednesday, January 25, 2006

couscous merguez @ Oxford

Today I decided to cook a north African dish...the "couscous merguez". I choosed to cook this dish due to a good supplier! The shop is located in cowley road really near where I live. This guy is doing the best merguez!! So I decided to to cook the merguez with a couscous. I did with the most simplistic way. First cook the merguez on the pan, secondly add water in the pan. When the water boils add the semoula. You got a nice easy dish, cooked in a fast way!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hitting the 1000 mark!

Thanks for coming to this page to check out what we do!
We'll keep posting good stuff and we'll get to 2 000 even faster!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Orange Souffle

Finally I cooked the dessert! I broke a golden rule...I cooked a dish for a second time! But this time I changed the ingredient and improve the recipe. I really wanted to have a better understanding of the "souffle science".

I decided to use more fresh ingredient for the dessert, that's why I chose orange zest. That was the first time that I used orange zest. I was worry about the result...the peel of an orange would give a terrific taste???

This time I was more carefull about the size and the proportion. I was lucky to have found some was the exact size for one person portion. This time I haven't add any egg yolk...only white eggs!

I was impressed by the result...Next time it will be better,
I promise!

Monday, January 16, 2006

That's what I call a tartiflette

After seeing ads in Paris of the yankee assault on my beloved tartiflette (see ad), I thought it was necessary to set the record straight and show you what's the real thing.

The tartiflette comes from the Savoy region where they have the delicious Reblochon cheese.
The dish is very simple and is really about the cheese.
The recipe I used is from Marc Veyrat who is a 3 michelin stars chef based in Annecy.
At his restaurant, he charges 99 Euros ($120) for this, which I think is a bit ambitious...

Anyway, you can do it for much less if you can get the reblochon.
I could speak in lenghts about what makes a great reblochon but the most important is to have it made with unpasteurised milk (au lait cru).

Before getting into the recipe, I have to admit that this dish is not an old dish that people used to eat on cold wintry nights in the Alps... It was actually created in the 80s by the reblochon association to increase its sales... I guess it worked.

So what's the trick to achieve this modern ;) recipe?
That's what you need to start

For 4 persons (or 3 hungry ones)

800gr of waxy boiling potatoes (rates in french)
1 small onion
1 reblochon
150gr of smoked diced bacon
4 tbsp of single cream
5cl of white wine
5gr of butter
salt and pepper

First, preheat the oven to 210C and open the white wine bottle to have a quick taste ;)
Put the potatoes in cold water and cook for 20 mins when it starts to boil.
In the meantime, cook in separate pans your onion and bacon.

Remember that the recipe has few ingredients so get them right!
The onion has to be finnely chopped and cooked at very low heat until it becomes translucent.
The bacon should be cooked until golden but not crispy.

When your onion is ready, add the wine and let it reduce until about 2tbsp remain.
Then mix in the onions.

Peal your potatoes and cut them in 1.5cm cubes. Put them in the onions/bacon mix and add the cream.

Now put everything in a baking tray. This is now the time to play with the reblochon.
First scrape lighty the crust of the cheese and cut it in 2 lenghtwise.
Now you only have to put the 2 circles over the potatoes mix and put it in the oven for 15mins with an aluminium foil on it.
After 15 mins, take the foil off, stir and maybe add some salt and pepper.
Put back in the oven for 5 mins and you're done!

With this, I would strongly suggest a refreshing green salad, otherwise it might be a bit to heavy!
This is the first time for a looong time that I was actually really pleased with the dish.

You should definitly give it a try, it's pretty pretty pretty good!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I am just back from the Friday night meal...And I am feeling good ! What a nice feeling to be back in Oxford and meet friend with good food! I spent an excellent Christmas and I have put on weight!!!
I will post later the dessert I cooked tonight (orange souffle!)
see you soon !

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy New Year from Paris!!!

This is what you find everywhere in the parisian underground...
A tartiflette pizza!!!

Stay tuned the next few weeks as I am going to cook the real thing!